About SALT

Fuel your sweat-drenched body with boiled chicken breasts, if you want. Me? I love food too much to miss an opportunity for some nom noms.

Because people with enviable bodies still want enviable food.

SALT will help you maintain what you’ve worked hard for; giving you tips and recipes to strengthen and enrich your body for years to come but, most of all, taste freaken’ good.


I am a husband and a puppy dad. I’m a swimmer, am super into fitness and spend at least an hour per day doing pliés in a barre studio because my husband loved it so much that he became an instructor.

Oh, and I lost a ton of weight, recently. Now, we’re not talking Biggest Loser ton, but I set myself a secret goal that by the time I hit the age of 30, I’d be able to fit into a size 30. And look, look, look:


So, why am I an expert? I’m not. I don’t profess to be a professional chef or know everything there is to know about nutrition. All I know is all I know and what has worked for me. I’ve had many screw ups but I know that when I stick to my guns, eat how my body likes and exercise more than my body wants, I get and maintain results.

I have fed my family for over 20 years; learning and developing as my beliefs about nutrition formed. I believe in natural, whole foods in the right proportions for your individual body and that nearly every recipe can be adjusted to suit your needs. I believe in nutrition for your body, first and foremost. I want my food to be the fuel to a long and healthy life, not just a means to a weight-loss/bulking/cutting end.

Whether you’re a body builder watching your macros, a new mom wanting the best for your body or a strict vegetarian who needs to fuel their swims, I believe that you can prepare delicious meals that would impress anyone at your next dinner party and leave the guilt and bloat to the side.

So, while I’m sharing my most delicious and healthy recipes, I encourage you to adjust, add, throw away, whatever you need to do to make sure that you make something that makes YOUR taste buds explode.


Now, I’m about to use a new-fangled, fancy term that’s going to make me sound super up myself. Regardless, here goes…

I am a flexitarian. Phew.

That is to say, I eat a whole bunch of plants plus the occasional bit of meat. I’ve found through trial-and-error that I feel the best when I eat like this and, as such, my food reflects that.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to convert you or make you eat in any particular way. In fact, I’m going to give you lots of options so that you can play around with the recipe and eat how YOU like. At the end of the day, I feel that food is pleasure and I want you to feel like these are your meals – make them however the hell you feel like making them!